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You’ve heard the saying “It was a God-thing.” I’ve often used it to explain how my two books came about. God orchestrated the events of the stories and He gave the gift to write them down.

I’m a 12-year colon cancer survivor and kept a journal describing my experiences going through a year of weekly chemotherapy treatments. One day, when I thought I would not survive the ordeal, my eye fell on a passage in Psalms 118, “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.” This changed my thoughts from dying to living - living with a purpose to “porcelain.”

I organized some of my journal entries into a book The Valley of Cancer: A Journey of Comfort and Hope. In 2008 Word Alive published a “Tenth Anniversary Expanded Edition” of the book. 20 pages were added describing what I believe has helped to keep me healthy.

I created “thevalleyofcancer” website (see left) to keep in touch with, and to encourage cancer patients. Do visit that site as it is updated regularly withnew writings and information.

Seven Angels for Seven Days came from my 1987-89 journals and describes a mysterious time of great joy and great grief. Click on The Books page on menu above and read the list of awards/success the book has enjoyed. That’s why I call it a “God-thing.”

Hot Apple Cider is an anthology of stories by 30 Canadian authors. Do visit www.hotapplecider.ca to read about this book and to read my story in it, “It Was Then That I Carried You.”

There is power in a story. We see ourselves in other people’s stories and learn about ourselves. Reading about others who had travelled the same road I was on, fascinated and encouraged me. My prayer is that you may find encouragement (and fascination!) in the reading of my stories.


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